Sunday, July 21, 2013

painted wardrobe

Sleeping on the a floor for a week can make a person do some strange things. 

For example, after camping out in my room with nothing but boxes for furniture for about a week, I naturally came to the conclusion that I needed to buy the biggest, most ridiculous bed I could afford. In my defense, the place we were living at the time had fairly large rooms and I felt perfectly justified in my larger than necessary bed. However, once we moved into Portland-proper, I maybe, just maybe, started regretting my original decision, as my bed now takes up well over half of the floor space in my room. 

As a direct result of this, in order to be able to actually use my dresser for its intended purpose (i.e. storing my clothes and being able to access said clothes on a daily basis) I had to stick the thing in the closet, which, quite obviously, left me with no closet space to hang clothes. This is my life, people, a perpetual series of almost-works-but-not-quite situations. 

Anywho, to combat this new little problem I decided to buy one of those industrial looking clothes racks from IKEA, and now I have this convenient, mobile wardrobe that I can move around quite easily to accomodate my every whim and desire. I am a problem solver. 

Not one to half ass things, I then proceeded to spend way more money on wooden hangers than anyone in my financial situation has the right to, but, hey, this is a life investment (right?). Hangers are an essential element in the lives of functioning adults (right??).

And, after a few weeks of waking up to a neat row of boring wooden hangers at the foot of my bed, I did what any functioning adult would naturally do: I got drunk and painted half of them. I think in the beginning I had planned on painting all of them, but four Harry Potter movies and a questionable number of Tecates in, I convinced myself that I had really only planned on painting (almost) half of them from the very start. Either way, I'm quite pleased with the result and would encourage anyone with a spare afternoon and a closet full of boring hangers to do the same. Just add Harry Potter and some cheap beer. 

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